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Experience Cont.

Olcott and Shore Law - Jomar Association Services - Roll Law - Aug. 2000 - Dec. 2005

Homeowner Association Legal Assistant

I was employed by a few companies and law firms in the Phoenix Area. Each company had their own standards and procedures, but my job was to manage the process and facilitate the recovery of debt.

Assisted property management companies and law firms that represented Homeowner Associations interests. It was my job to contact homeowners if in default with dues, fees or fines.

Was responsible for crafting, filingĀ andĀ pursuing liens, lawsuits, judgements and ultimately foreclosures as needed.


Intel and Rodel - 1995 - 2000


At Intel, I was in charge of running 15 machines used in the Testing Facility. We basically took chips, right before packaging, and stress tested them under extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures. They would be socketed in 150 degrees, and then 20 degrees, to ensure they would still activate. Once testing was completed and inventory was logged, they were sent to packaging to be shipped to the computer manufacturers.

Rodel, I was in charge of running the lathe, that would dig .015 inch grooves in a 48″ diameter polyurethane pad, used for polishing wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing. I was also quality assurance for pre-packaging of the pads.

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